Sing Praise!


The byte.  A basic building material–foundational, indispensable in its place, and a playground of infinite possibilities in groups.

The Body.  Composed of many, each indispensable in its place, and a playground of infinite possibilities in groups.

We are one Body before our FatherWhen we are united by, with and in the Spirit of praise, all manner of wholeness and restoration are manifest.  Infinite possibilities are released over, on to, and into the Body.    

Praise.  The vocalization of gratitude, a sacrifice of faith in the face of all that is seen.  It is the action of belief in the gap between the invisible and the visible, bringing both into alignment with eternity.  And it moves the very heart of God

“But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel” Psalm 22:3

the Hebrew is  translated literally    holy-one   one-dwelling  praises of Israel” (,

Get Your Head in the Game!

Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness.  And all these things will be added unto you.

The formula for the narrow path through the chaos that is the lingering battle.  The demons you dismiss, the obstacles you avoid, the pitfalls that miss you.  Your son or daughter’s healing, your restored marriage, your business–all these things, our inheritance in Christ.  But you have to get  your head in the right game.  We are spirit beings.  We have a soul.  We live in the body.  The body deals in facts only.  The spirit of a born again believer is seated in Christ (aka Grace, and Truth)

Facts battle Truth.  Get your head in the game!   It is not even hide and seek.  Just seek.  God has been gracious and open about what is available and what is at stake.  The Bible says He conceals things, but it is obvious that they are hiding in plain site, as is He–waiting for the season when we begin to consider beyond the nose on our face.

Seek Him first, and ALL (everything else!) will be added to you.  Selah.

When God’s Children Sing, satan flees!

Victory in Hand!

Apparently, rather than turn off my i-tunes, i, or someone else who passed by my mac just removed the sound, so when i turned up the volume, the file playing was a sermon by John Piper called “Ambushing satan with song.”

Piper correctly identifies the role of the worship team in ‘real life’ and articulates well the positioning of the same on the front lines of spiritual warfare. In the account of Jehoshaphat’s successful formula (2 Chronicles 20) for quick deliverance from his enemies, one of the points that stands out to this musician is the primary roll of the tribe appointed by King David to serve the GOD of Israel in song, and the leadership role they played in the rout.

In a sermon rich with wisdom, one of the best illustrations of the Truth was summed up by Piper like this: “When GOD hears HIS children sing, HE looks around and says “where’s the enemy?”.

Good Stuff!

“We go in faith, our own great weakness feeling,
And needing more each day Thy grace to know:
Yet from our hearts a song of triumph pealing,
“We rest on Thee, and in Thy Name we go.”

–From “We Rest On Thee” by Edith G. Cherry

Setting Your Face Like Flint


Wow! The verse of the day packed a punch for me.  Sometimes I am inundated with situation and saturated with circumstance to the degree that it is hard to lift my head so I can see the mountain where my help comes from.

My heart cries out in unison with the cries of my brothers and sisters, and I declare the promises of the LORD.  I say they are not just empty word, I know they are not just empty words.  It is not just a saying, that beautiful verse in Romans, about how it is a given that all things (dude, that’s like, all things!) work together in my favor (Yep! I love God. and He made me with a purpose.)

So, back to Isaiah 50:7

We must set our faces like flint, in the face of all that we are looking at, because the LORD IS OUR HELP.  We will not be disgraced.

Lord, yes!  Be blessed!

No Greater Love

By G. Baker

The Creator waved His hand
From nothing, made the land
And filled the earth with wonders
We will never understand

From the dust He made a man
In His own image
By His own hand
He gave every man a voice
He gave every man a choice

Jesus came unto His own
But to them He was unknown
Still the Word became flesh
And dwelt among us
It was painful tears He cried
On the night before they tried Him
When justice was denied Him
Those He loved
Crucified Him

You’ve got to choose which side you’re on
Will it be death for me
Will it be victory
I’m choosing victory

There is no greater love
There is no greater love
Than a man
Who would lay down
His life for another.
The war has long been done
Still the battle rages on
And echoes through the sands of time
As each one of us
Makes up his own mind

You’ve got to choose

Grace Rules by Steve McVey

Grace Rules by Steve McVey is a favorite! While I was reading it, I realized that it is the book I don’t need to write! Steve is straight-forward and honest in his forthright presentation of the Truth about Grace. We are not redeemed by what we do (or what we don’t)–we are redeemed by the Blood, and only the innocent Blood of Jesus.

Especially insightful, particularly because of his own works-based theology confessions, Steve really understands first hand what it means to be saved. If you have looked for a companion to a Grace discussion in addition to the Word, this is a quick read and a great exposition on Who is in charge and the enormity of His Gift. Ask for it at your local Bible bookstore or click on the cover image above to order it!